Alan Armstrong
Clinical Hypnotherapist (since 1994)


I have been working to help people for over thirty years – as a social worker, a hypnotherapist, a counsellor, and a stress manager.

I offer a full range of hypnotherapeutic procedures that have the potential to resolve and relieve a wide range of conditions. If your life is being adversely affected and you are suffering in any way, it is worth
your while finding out how hypnosis may be able to bring relief. Why not book in for an initial fact-finding consultation, without any obligation to proceed further with therapy?

At the Penarth Natural Health Services, I am
particularly interested in helping people suffering
from the effects of chronic stress. In my practice
I have developed a special interest in stress: how
it can affect health and well-being, and, more to the
point, how it can be alleviated – usually by relatively
straight-forward, uncomplicated procedures. As part of any programme of therapy, I place great
emphasis on teaching stress management skills which, if practised, enable my clients to remain relatively stress-free for the rest of their lives.


If the circumstances of your life are stressful,
to the point that your health and well-being are
affected – eg you are anxious, depressed, not sleeping, drinking too much etc etc – then it is important that you take urgent action to change things for the better. Finding the time to come and see me, of course, when you are stressed, may initially seem to be adding to your stress!
Which just proves that it is time you DID make
the time…before your body makes the decision for you and you find yourself in hospital after a heart attack, or high blood pressure etc etc.

De-stress before distress destroys you.

Alan Armstrong
Clinical Hypnotherapist
Tel: 02920 701 370 or 07836 679 128
Email: 'contact' above

Alan is an Associate Member of the

British Society of Clinical Hypnosis