Lee Hunkin

Lee is a Chiropractor fully registered with the
British Chiropractic Association and General Chiropractic Council.
Lee Studied at the University of Glamorgan for 4 years graduating in 2013
with a Master’s in Chiropractic.
He has since built a busy and professional practice in Swindon where he continues to work however is now focusing his attention on his home town Penarth.

Lee treats many conditions from low back/hip pain to neck and headache pains.
In fact, Lee is interested in all types of musculoskeletal pain and enjoys restoring patients to pain free lifestyles. Focusing on the cause of the problem instead of just treating symptoms allows patients to respond much faster and with far greater, lasting results.
Lee combines his Chiropractic skills with physio style modalities and acupuncture to promote patients health and well-being and finds this to be far better than using one modality individually. Unlike other Chiropractors, Lee allows ½ hour treatment sessions to really focus and correctly treat each individual. However, treatment does not finish in the clinic, 9 times out of 10 Lee will suggest stretching and exercise routines to reinforce the treatment he has performed. Lee uses Physiotools, a software product that allows Lee to tailor exercises to patient’s individual needs, these he will email out so exercises cannot be forgotten!

Lee continues to undergo further education on a monthly basis attending
various seminars and keeping up to date with the most recent research.
This helps to keep his thinking fresh and broaden his professional scope resulting in
an ethical and best evidence based practice.
Lee also likes to keep himself fit and healthy by attending the local gym in Cogan where he trains regularly. More often than not he has a half marathon in the diary and
is often training hard combining his anatomical knowledge with exercise routines to
fully reach his potential. Because of his interest in long distance running, Lee also looks to improve performance of fellow runners using his chiropractic skills and
corrective exercise modalities to help optimize performance.

Check out Lee’s website www.thepenarthchiro.co.uk

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