Why am I fat ?

  Change the Way YOU Eat

Change the Way YOU Think

Penarth Natural Health Services has designed a new,
individual program to help YOU to achieve permanent weight loss.

The program will enable you to discover:

•  The reasons why YOU have put the weight on, then struggled to lose it.

•  The best nutrition for YOUR individual needs.

•  The emotional aspects that have contributed to YOUR weight concerns.

To find out full details about this new approach,
contact us on 02920 701370
to arrange a free consultation with the therapists involved.

The team you will meet consists of a
Nutritional Therapist, Allergy Specialist and Hypnotherapist/Counsellor. They are experienced professionals who will find out
why YOU have a problem with YOUR weight.

We have already published information on Facebook
about the obesity epidemic,
weight loss and health concerns related to excessive weight.

We believe now is the time to act on this information and
help YOU to lose weight.